A chemical peel treatment is a specific technique for skin renewal.  During this process a high concentration of glycolic acid and other substances like salicylic acid is applied to the skin for a short period of time and then chemically neutralised or removed to end the treatment. This procedure rapidly removes the damaged layer of surface skin cells revealing fresh skin and stimulating cell rebuilding and restructuring of deeper skin layers. This procedure can help the skin appear smoother, healthier, plumper and tighter. Read more


Beautiful skin is easier than ever with the Emerge fractional laser. Emerge is the latest laser skin resurfacing technology from Cynosure that treats a range of skin imperfections on the face and body. Emerge treatments can improve a multitude of skin flaws to give you youthful, radiant and beautiful skin all over! Read more


Dermal Fillers are used for facial augmentation. The therapy involves injections in the face to remove facial wrinkles and replace lost volume. Hyaluronic acid injections are termed dermal fillers. It is used to add volume to deflated or depressed areas in the skin. Dermal filler is a substance that can be used to improve the facial contour as well as reduce the depressions in the skin due to scars, injury or lines. Read more


Pioneered by the French physician Dr. Michel Pistor in 1952, Mesotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is widely used in Europe and elsewhere to treat various injuries, aesthetic concerns, skin and body concerns and medical conditions. Tiny “medicinal bullets” are delivered directly into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin) by micro injections that are highly specific to the condition being treated. Read more


How does Infusion Therapy for Skin brightening work? Glutathione works with your body to promote lighter skin by inhibiting the production of melanin. The lightening process starts from the inside out and creates an overall body skin lightening effect. The skin lightening effects are permanent and over exposure to sunlight must be avoided (good sun protection is always advised). Read more


The VISIA is a unique imaging system that provides a clear, multi-dimensional portrait of your skin. This image highlights individual aspects of your complexion that contribute to your overall appearance. Read more


MOST LEDS RF technology painlessly delivers focused and optimal radio-frequency (RF) energy to the skin surface and to subcutaneous fat layers. Controlled energy is delivered via three or more electrodes and limited to the treatment area. This focused delivery results in immediate visible results. MOST LEDS RF allows practitioners to choose between body and/or facial treatments. Read more


Wrinkle reducing treatments have become the short-hand term for non-surgical anti-ageing interventions. Discover the proven results that more than 12 million women and men have experienced worldwide. Frown lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles around the mouth are just a few factors that can cause a person to look worn out, tired and old. Repetitive facial expressions over time can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Read more


Laser hair removal is one of the most effective and permanent hair-removal solutions. The Coolite Pro™ works on every area of the body. Utilizing the GSD 810nm FCD laser, it can work under high temperatures and high moisture, which significantly prolongs the lifespan of the laser generator. Moreover, near field output energy evenly distributes on the 12*12mm spot size making the treatment more accurate and comfortable. Read more


Certified V-SHOT provider. A natural and painless non-surgical procedure that can revitalize vaginal and clitoral function, alleviate bladder leakage, and improve overall sensitivity. The Secret's Out! Read more


The PRP facial, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) has been used for almost 20 years to accelerate the healing of wounds and burnt skin, and help athletes - including, reportedly, tennis ace Rafael Nadal - recover from injury. In 2010, the procedure became attractive for A-listers. Read more


A new fat lipolysis (breaking down of fat) treatment for areas where there are resistant pockets of fat that do not respond to dieting or other weight loss methods. The Ceccarelli solution, containing vitamin C and iron, uses the body’s metabolism by acting on the fat cells, causing natural fat cell destruction. The result is a reduction in those unwanted bulges and is most often used to reduce fat around the hips, tummy, upper thighs, love handles and saddle bags. Read more


The Medi-Lean Weight Loss Program is based on Dr. A.T.W. Simeon's diet from the 1950's. The combination of a very low-calorie diet and HCG not only eliminate unwanted fat, but also assists to normalize Leptin, the hormone responsible for regulating your fat metabolism, fat storage and appetite.  HCG releases energy from abnormal, unhealthy fat (white fat), while maintaining healthy fat (brown fat) and muscle mass. Due to this unique formulation, you can loose between 6-10kg of fat per cycle, without looking gaunt or going into starvation.