Redermalization as a strategy for skin rejuvenation


The problem of skin ageing is the No 1 problem in modern aesthetic medicine and one of the main reasons for patients to see an aesthetician. One cannot reverse the laws of nature but can significantly slow down the process of ageing.

Skin ageing is the reason why so many cosmetic products with new properties are being designed, although so few of them stand the test of practice and time. With good reason, REDERMALIZATION products can be attributed to this category. Due to their unique composition, they have become the means for true rejuvenation of the skin and, particularly, the dermis. The procedure that involves injecting HYALURONIC ACID into the skin is called Redermalization. The literal translation of Redermalization (“re + “dermis”) means “dermis restoration.”


How is Redermalization procedure unique?

REDERMALIZATION, both the name and the treatment, was created at Institute Hyalual in Switzerland several years ago; since then, it has grown popular with professionals. In 2013, Institute Hyalual won the Innovative Technology Award in The Aesthetics Awards London.


Redermalization is administering Hyaluronic-acid-based intradermal injections by using a special method.


XELA REDERM is a unique product that comprises two active ingredients: Succinic and Hyaluronic acids. Both substances are physiological (contained in the human body tissue), safe, and very effective as anti-ageing agents.

HYALURONIC ACID holds epidermal moisture, restores water balance in the skin, and enforces an antioxidant and metabolic effect of Succinic acid. HA creates the conditions for young cells to act and grow, while Succinic acid restores cellular energy to its younger state.

SUCCINIC ACID neutralises free radicals and optimizes cell metabolism, improving cell recovery.

Following the very first treatment, patients report a substantially increased level of skin moisture and firmness. A recommended course of four treatments improves skin colour and elasticity, even out its texture, lessens wrinkles, and provides significant anti-ageing and lifting effects.


Redermalization has many uses for the correction of age-related problems:

> wrinkles of the face, neck, and décolleté

> face and body skin laxity

> skin hydration

> photoageing

> preparation for laser resurfacing

> treatment of scars and stretch marks

The Redermalization procedure is “ageless” and causes no complications. Even celebrities like Madonna see and fully appreciate its value. The procedure is not only effective but also accessible.