Hair Removal

Coollite Pro diode laser

Laser hair removal is one of the most effective and permanent hair-removal solutions.   The Coolite Pro™ works on every area of the body. Utilizing the GSD 810nm FCD laser, it can work under high temperatures and high moisture, which significantly prolongs the lifespan of the laser generator. Moreover, near field output energy evenly distributes on the 12*12mm spot size making the treatment more accurate and comfortable.

Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser goes through the skin surface to reach the root of the hair follicles. While some hair removal systems can damage skin and tissue, the Coolite Pro™ causes hair loss without injuring the surrounding tissue. The system is easy to use, causes little to no pain and is a safe technology for permanent hair removal.

A high repetition rate of short pulses are delivered deep into the dermis, achieving high average power and therapeutically effective heat build-up with virtually no pain.   The “Jet Smooth” technique over the treatment area ensures full coverage while the powerful cooling system helps to keep the skin surface cool in order to prevent superficial burns.

Coolite Pro™ can be utilized for hair removal for any area of the body, such as the hairline, lip area, chin, beard, arms, armpits, legs, chest and bikini area.